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Bike thievery is ten times more rampant in the high-drug cities of Europe than it is anywhere in the U.S., so bike riders who like to keep their bikes use two locks per bike, and most of the time, one of them is one of these. It's called a "frame lock" or "wheel lock," because it attaches to your frame and locks the rear wheel.They're key-locks.
Progressive Euro frames (and Asian frames) have mounting bosses for these locks (look at picture #3 of the braze-ons on our CLEM frame). Then you use an M5 by about 20mm allen bolt. Absent the bosses, get Band Bolts, or you can zip-tie them to your frame. They do it in Europe...
But more to the point here, our CLEM SMITH JR bikes are all prepped for these locks. The M5 allen bolts supplied with the CLEM are too short (they're the right length for filling the holes when you don't have a lock). To attach the lock, you need a couple M5 20mm 15mm bolts, which we've generously taped to the lock cardboard, and if somehow they didn't arrive safely or you lost them, go down to any hardware store and get new ones for nickels.

Attention CLEM owners: If you park your CLEM in a high-crime area, get one of these.

Attention all: The ones we have right now are made in Europe. You can get Chinese locks for a lot less, but we don't sell anything made in China--and most bike shops don't sell this style lock, anyway. We're investigating made-in-Taiwan versions, too.


- The AXA Victory ring lock is a premium product within the AXA range and has the option to link a plug in cable or chain to the lock so you can lock your bike to a fixed object.
- High-level security (14/15 on Axa's Safety Scale)
- Hardened steel frame is completely welded all around with anti-drilling plate in cylinder
- Push button feature
- Chilld safety feature
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