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Australian Animal Note Cards

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Australian Animal Note Cards  $8

The plan, the idea, the scheme, the hope, was to get five or six different platypus cards and sell them as a set, donating ALL of the profit to the Australian Platypus Conservancy.

I/Grant misread ye olde fine print, so we got 400 cards but only about sixty-nine platypuses—so we have sixty-nine sets of six cards, each with one platypus and five lesser animals. But they’re all Australian natives. But since we’re in this “all other animals suck” phase, we have reason to be bummed.

We’re selling them for cost, and for every set sold, we’ll donate $10 to the APC. Help us make this work. Do people send notecards anymore? Do! The back side of each card has socio-biological facts about the animal on the front. You get cards, the APC gets platypus-saving money.