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The Rivendell Atlantis

2018 UPDATE:  MUSA (Made in USA) Atlantis' are made to order. Please call (800) 345-3918  to discuss sizing and place a deposit. Lead times are 4-6 month. That may improve, but we warn you now, delays are long.

Frame, fork, and headset: $2500
Complete bike: somewhere around $3600 for our suggested build. With fenders, racks, top-shelf stuff, $3900 and up.

If you want to upscale it here or there, we've done it before and offer great advice. Want top of the bar shifters, a second set of brake levers, STI? We've done it all. We won't let you wreck the bike with a fantasy part that doesn't work, but we're flexible if you have a notion you'd like to explore, or just want our opinion about some idea you might have. If it's a bad idea, we'll tell you.

The Atlantis is our most versatile bike, our best-seller, and as evidence of its mature design, is virtually unchanged since we introduced it as our first production bike in 1999.75. It is ideal for loaded touring, trail riding, commuting, and general riding where you're likely to want tires 38mm wide or wider most of the time, and fenders a lot of the time. You can do almost anything on an Atlantis.

The Atlantis frame and fork weigh about a pound more (combined) than our A. Homer Hilsen, a road frame. The extra weight comes by means of stouter tubes and a wider fork crown, and pays for itself in the extra durability needed for rough riding and load-toting. A pound is hardly anything, when you consider the weight of your body and between 16 and 21 pounds of parts, wheels, racks, and fenders. So don't let that pound scare you. There isn't an ounce of fat on the Atlantis. It's just a rugged, strong bike, and one you'll likely have and ride for the rest of your life.

How long to get one, and how do I get the ball rolling?

Frame only:

If it's in stock, we'll charge you the full $2400 and ship it right out. If we have to build the frame, lock it in with a $1,200 deposit and we'll charge the rest when it ships.

For complete bikes:

If we have the frame in stock, it won't take long at all, maybe a month to build and ship. Put $2400 down for the frame and we charge the rest when we start to build it up.

If we don't have the frame in stock, put down the $1,200 non-refundable deposit. We order up the frame. The rest gets charged when it ships. In the meantime, you have plenty of nights to think about the parts.

Of course, special-ordered parts, custom wheels, and custom paint take longer.

One color only. The Atlantis creamy greenish blue. For another $350 you can get it painted any color you want (that we approve).

See more customer photos of the Atlantis here.

See Also: the Rivendell Bicycles group on Flickr. There are tons of photos there!

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