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51cm Appaloosa Demo Bike

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This is a demo bike, lightly ridden and kept in great working condition by our cheerful mechanics Mark, Antonio, and James. It looks pretty dusty here, but it's really been barely ridden. It's up for sale to make room for Platypus's on our showroom floor.

This is the bike Antonio built up for the Antonio's Pick Appaloosa build.

The low price is because it's been ridden and we aren't going to customize it.  If you have a particular build in mind, it's better to start from the frame up. We can add parts to the box, but we aren't going to do tire/handlebar/drivetrain swaps.

Saddle is NOT included, but add one to your cart and will ship it out with the bike. If you want a B.68 just let us know.

For PBHs 80 to 84cm