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50cm Rosco Bubbe Demo

50cm Rosco Bubbe Demo

$1,900.00 $2,600.00

Between Tandem samples, BBH bikes coming back up and our expanding Rosco fleet, the showroom is turning into a labyrinth, so here's your chance to score a discounted new bike, because I'm sick of crab walking just to get into the kitchen. This one is a matte green Rosco Bubbe, for PBH's between 83 and 88cm. It's built with an upright bar build kit, with the exception of the Acera rear derailleur, Choco bars, and Sunrace thumbies. It'll make a great all-round bike, functionally equivalent to a Sam Hillborne. MUSA too!

More info on the Rosco project here.

Shipping Complete Bikes (no matter what the cart says and more for international):
$120 to California
$155 West of the Mississippi
$170 East of the Mississippi

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