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50cm Fillet-brazed Susie - Dark Orange - Antonio's Pick

50cm Fillet-brazed Susie - Dark Orange - Antonio's Pick

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We've had a little lull in customer builds, so the mechanics have been building up web specials and demo bikes. Antonio specced out this dark orange fillet-brazed Susie. Some other Nitto gems include a 60cm fillet face-plater stem and a S83 seatpost.


It's a $4,211 bike, but that we're letting go for $3,831-- no build labor charge+.

The next run of Susies will be lugged so jump on this one if you ever wanted the fully filleted version.

This is for PBHs 74cm to 86cm.

No saddle or pedals included.

Questions? Call us! 800-345-3918.

We won't do major surgery to this bike - no bar swaps, crank swaps, etc, but if you'd like racks and/or fenders let us know - we can do that.

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