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47.5cm Atlantis Proto with Old Style decals

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This is a sample 47.5cm Atlantis frame that we decided to build up and let go. Mark applied the old style decals and even put one of the early, alternative Atlantis badges on it. It's built with Albatross bars, big Conti Basketball tires, cork grips and silver colored (a rarity nowadays) Sunrace derailers.

The decals are over the clearcoat, so eventually they'll crack with enough sun exposure.

These sample frames have a mis-matched down lug. No big deal, it looks fine.

No saddle included but you'll get a seatpost.

No substitutions, but additions like racks, fenders, etc are welcome.

For PBHs 77 to 81.

Please note, it could take up to 4 weeks to ship out. We have a backlog of orders we're working through.