2020 Appaloosa Frameset - No Frame Prep

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Product Details

These are new-in-box frames that are discounted because we don't have time to prep them. We're loaded up with bikes to build and ship and would like to avoid adding more to the stack.

If you'd like a build, great! but there's a long lead time, up to two months. Give us a call after you order the frame online.

Also part of the discount hinges on not adding anything else to the order. OK if you need cable hangers or something, that's fine, but please make a separate order if you need other stuff.


I (Grant) used to say this was my favorite bike of all time, but right now it’s tied with a few others--the new Atlantis being the most obvious. I don’t think a better-riding bike is possible. I know I can't design one.

There are three new sizes, just arbitrary changes. A 60cm, with a single top tube. The 58 with double top tubes went to a 57, single top tube. The 55 which never had a second top tube, but is now a 54. None of the other dimensions on either bike changed. The down tubes got about two-thirds of an ounce lighter, by shortening the butt. It’s still plenty long. These Appaloosas are slightly lighter, but that’s not an upgrade, just a fact. And they still are super stout, not wimpy.

We'll help you pick the perfect parts for your bike, and you'll get the only bike you'll ever want to ride. We can assemble it custom and perfect for you. You don't need to know anything except the kind of riding you do, and then answer a few easy preference questions. This is a bike you'll ride before any other.

Colors are BLUE or ORANGE. They are going fast, and we expect to be clean out by early March.

Minimum PBH by size:

46cm  (74)

51cm  (79) 

54cm  (83)

57cm  (86)

60cm  (89.5)


Those PBH’s assume you’ll be riding 2-inch tires.


Here’s what my everyday Appaloosa looks like. I just put on the front pan-wahs, for shopping and travel. The bike is PERFECT. Somebody who doesn’t know how to ride a bike could ride it. It is, I’d say, impossible to not love this bike. Mine’s Silver, Will’s is Silver, Corey’s is Silver…but yours can’t be. Instead of blue and silver, the colors are now blue and orange. It was such a nice silver, too, and that’ll show up again on the Charlie in the fall, but the orange is the best orange ever, on any bike, so no loss in color. If I were starting over, I’d  probably get a blue one, but maybe an orange. I got my silver because Silvers weren’t selling, and it’s a good silver.

Clearance for 54mm tires. Mine have about 43mm tires on them, and I’ve ridden it this way on the second rockiest road on Mt. Tamalpais, and down Repack, too. If you don’t have any of our bikes and you kind of want to get one, the Appaloosa is as good a choice as any. I’d put 50mm tires on it, some kind of roadish or combo tread.

One of the Acera rear derailers IF you’re shifting in friction. Otherwise, a Deore, which indexes 9sp, and we have those shifters, too. For bars, Bosco, Billie, Albatross, Choco, or if you want drops, go with a Noodle and a 5-6mm Tallux stem. Anybody here can help you with that. This is a bike you will always love. I don’t believe it is possible to not love this bike. Everything that’s good about our bikes is in this one.

Frame Specification

  • 26" wheels in size 46cm
  • 650b wheels in size 51cm
  • 700c wheels in sizes 54cm and up
  • Cantilever or V brakes. Get V-brakes
  • 26.8mm seat post, included. If you want to upgrade to a NITTO, OK!
  • 135mm rear spacing
  • 1" threaded fork - headset included
  • If you will use Cantis, be sure to purchase cable hangers (not included)

Call us if you have any questions. (800) 345-3918

Shipping Bikes and Frames

  • Frames Shipping: $87 +/- to lower 48 states.
  • Bike Shipping: $175 +/- to lower 48
  • International is more complicated - call or email

We'll adjust the final shipping charge when the frame/bike actually ships.

You can always arrange to pick up your bike here in Walnut Creek, California. California pickups and deliveries pay California sales tax. 

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