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Will's Staff Bikes

96.5 PBH / 85.5 saddle height

67cm A. Homer Hilsen
Will will update.

60cm Cheviot
I had an orange one that I loved, but when this green came out I knew I had to have it. This is my most commute friendly bike, but I use it for camping too. A big basket is nice when you want to take the bulky stuff.

68cm Quickbeam
Yes I know the chain looks slack, it's because the chainring isn't totally round, so when you put the pedals in "attack position" it looks slack. This bike is really fun when you're in the mood for it.

62cm Hunqapillar
Another two speeder. I kick it up and down in the front when I need to shift. It's easier to shift down than up, but it's doable both ways. Really fun bike, and an adequate gear range for almost all my non-camping riding. I spin out on flats, but that's OK. It's a 36/24-17.