Will's Staff Bikes

96.5 PBH / 85.5 saddle height

67cm A. Homer Hilsen
Those drops lasted about two weeks until I realized I'm not built for them. Now it has Albatross and the bike feels so comfy and fun. I'm able to ride sections of trail that I'd have to walk if I had drops on. I think I was looking at a lot of alt-racey bikes on the internet and caught a temporary drop bar bug. I took some zinc and ditched it.

60cm Cheviot
I've been riding this bike so much recently! It's now sporting some Bullmoose bars and it makes a great trail hauler. The fenders have come off and I use it for camping when I want to bring all my stuff with me; camping with a large Wald is ultra luxurious.

68cm Quickbeam
Yes I know the chain looks slack, it's because the chainring isn't totally round, so when you put the pedals in "attack position" it looks loose. This bike is really fun when you're in the mood for it.

62cm Hunqapillar
This bike now has gears, but I think I'll switch it back to two speed shortly. It's a suprisingly versatile set up. The gearing (36/24 by 17) was great for trail heavy dayrides. I'd spin out on the street but I don't mind. I liked the snugness of the chain too.