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Roman's Bikes

86.5 PBH / 76 saddle height

55cm 1x Hillborne
Roman set it up modernish with a SRAM 1x crank paired with a Shimano 10spd drivetrain. Mark scalloped out a Shimano barpod to fit a 10-speed MTN Microshift thumbie and it all works perfectly. Wider gearing with the help of some Wolf Tooth bits. Biggish tires for rolling along in the dirt. Edelux/B&M lights to do ride day and night.

54cm Hunqapillar
Roman uses this one as his camping/mtb-ish bike. It's had a couple of bar swaps since he got it and currently has a Jitensha-esque bar on there. He converted the triple into a double and the (in?)famous Altus keeps the chain tensioned even on rocky downhills. He even sewed what we call around here a "Ro-bag" for the main triangle.

54.5 Rosco MTBubbe Step Thru
Roman's almost done building this Rosco. First time trying the Mustache 2's and still finding his sweet spot for the brake hoods, but he slipped some MTB grips while he dials it in. He set it up with a Mini-Front (32F) rack and basket as well as a flipped Jandd Sling and Pack bag for daily carrying needs. Zefal pump conveniently fits behind the seat tube. DYI Swiss Cheese (~drillium) Bell 26 — just for fun.

57cm Scapin Prestige '84
An Italian road zipper. Changed the gearing a little for the bay area hills and just barely squeezed a 700x28 Rolly Polly/Ruffy Tuffy combo in there. Cromovelato paint from way back when and a bunch of pantographed components. Might have a 650b conversion in it's future...

52cm Trek 950
Roman picked up the frame from Brian and has built it up as his 'round-towner/rainy-day rider. Originally rolling on 26" wheels, he's converted it to 650b with a Clem wheelset. 650bx50 Big Bens make for a cushy ride, but still left some room for fenders.