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Rich's Bikes

81.5 PBH/ 71 Saddle Height

The man the Grizzly Peak Cyclists call "Cherry Bomb" (his custom used to be red and he's a daredevil descender AND well, I won't mention the other thing).

55cm A Homer Hilsen
Smallest 700c Homer. Rich's got a classic fancy build here: Simplex down tube friction shifters, Suntour Superbe Pro hubs, front and rear, Ritchey cranks. No explanation of front-only fender though...

54.3cm Rivendell Custom Touring bike. 26" wheels, custom racks. If it says Suntour, he's got it on there. Countless man hours went into the design, manufacture, paintjob(s), (re)assembly and multiple shellackings of this bike. Thirty seconds on the front fender install.

54cm Quickbeam
He can get all the chrome Phil hubs he wants but he got black. Rich used to have drops on these bikes but kinked his neck and can't do them anymore. Only Albas (and a single 'stache) from here on out.

Photos to come

51cm Appaloosa

Jenny's 58cm Glorious

Nishiki 1983 Olympic 12 with an xtracycle
The Wheel Mobile. Older than much of our staff. 40spoke chukker rims, XT rear, DT Swiss front, Suntour reverse action front derailer, crank and cablestop. That's what shellacked cloth tape looks like when it gets wet.