Jenny's Bikes

86 pbh / 75ish saddle height

2012 59cm A. Homer Hilsen 
The only 59cm double-tuber around so far and the second tube just barely fit. The gap between the tubes is so small, the adventurous have been known to get fingers and thumbs stuck in there. She tows a trailer sometimes and has a tendency to swap handlebars every now and then. There's not a whole lot this bike can't do. FAQs: the struts on the fork are something she uses to clip her panniers to and the bars are Nitto B617. Oh, and why the second top tube? Because, why not?

58cm Quickbeam
Newest addition to Jenny's stable. Was a project for years, and finally completed in the summer of 2016. As of this writing (winter 2016) she's only had the chance to ride it for a few weeks, due to a slow-healing broken foot injury that happened back in August. Fixed gear, 42x16. Set up with Jenny's favorite bar: the Nitto B617 Promenade.

59cm Vista Elite
Jenny's two-speed single speed. The bike came out of a dumpster and was loaded with all kinds of Dura Ace (who would throw something like this away?!). Jenny stripped it, cleaned it, and re-built it up as a zippy around-towner. Freewheel, 44x17. Dove bars.

50.5cm Trek "?"