Grant's Bikes

*The inventor of the Moustache and Noodle bars has gone all upright on us.

85 PBH / saddle height "depends" 

55cm Appaloosa
"This rides 98 percent as good as my 60 Cheviot, but has fat-tire clearances. I think it’s the easiest-to-ride bike in the world, and if I had one bike, this would be it. I monkeyed with the grips, messed them up some, but they don’t bother me."

59cm A Homer Hilsen prototype 
Not-stock color. Low key and hi-viz. A model of beausage. Grant says, "It’s the original prototype, we improved a lot of details, it’s not the right color…and I wish I had the double-taper seat stays w/ new plug and the final blue. But it fits and rides great, and I’m keeping it."

58cm Rivendell singlespeeder Custom Ancient
"One of the old and no longer there Waterford builders made this for me. I want to ride it more, but I’m used to bigger tires, and it doesn’t carry enough. Have ridden it twice in the last 10 years, but I’ll try to do better."

56cm Sam Hillborne
"I wanted a 2TT bike, so I got this even though it’s a hair big I have a dyno-front on it. I should put a saddlebag in back—but the straps are good. I like the bars, but I’ll put one of our Pnew bars on it. The—whatever we name them." *The LipIVO holder is a one-of-a-kind gift.

60cm Cheviot 
Grant says, "It’s unusual that Will and I both ride 60cm Cheviots—with PBHs 12 cm different. This is the bike that sold me on megalong chainstays. Probably the velvet-like bike I own. I need to tape the forward grip area." Sporting one of the first protos of the Chocomoose bars (soon to grace the complete Appaloosas). Basket up front to keep the necessary things at hand and a Trunksack in the back for everything else. Newbaums and John keeping Wald steady.

52cm Clem Smith Jr L/Clementine
"I can’t believe how good it feels. I like everything about it. If it were all-lugged, it would rule out lots of people…and I might not have gotten one, because even tho I own the joint, I’m not rich and I am on a budget."

52cm Bridgestone MB-2
"Bought used from a Bstone dealer in Mpls who called me up and said a customer sold it back to him after 25 years, and did I want to buy it? The price was good, so yes. This was before my influence, but it’s fine. Kind of floppy, it’s OK."