Frame & Bike Special Terms & Cancellation Fees

Due to the high demand for our frames, and the rapid sellout times, we ding you 10 percent for cancelling, and maybe you want to know why. It's because your initial order prevented somebody else from getting the frame, and now we have a lone frame that, if we make it available again, maybe ten people will want it and nine will fail (again!) to get it, and we are now at fault for their second round of frustration. To prevent that, we'll build it up as a "web special" and sell it at a slight discount. Your 10 percent ding takes some sting out of that discount. 

We've had a few people buy-and-cancel up to three times on different frames. It wasn't at all uncommon when there was no ding. We consider the ding, "effective without being unreasonable," and hope you understand.

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