Corey's Bikes

91.5cm PBH / 80.5cm Saddle Height

58cm Hunqapillar
My shenanigans bike, mostly for camping and day rides with friends.  2.25 Thunderburts are THE dream tire for mixed surface riding, be-basketed of course, Albas for their comfort and secret shredability, and Paul brakes (the big splurge and my first pair of cantis EVER, don't tell anyone...).

60cm Cheviot
My daily driver, grocery-getter, and hauler-in-chief. Since replaced the Mark's Rack with a Pass and Stow that can carry more than most would ever need (Huge Wald basket and a large shopsack carry a week's worth of groceries no sweat).  Dynamo with front and rear B&M lights to keep me safe.   (I need to update these pic too...-Roman).

25" Jones Plus
My super serious, no nonsense, let's get down to business bikepacking bike.  Overkill for most things in the Bay but still a blast to ride here.  Really shines when I need to get far, far away on the less traveled paths.  This bike is my reliable backcountry companion.

64cm Schwinn Le Tour II
Bosco'd fixed gear commuter. Brakes for the sane-minded.