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Brian's Bikes

85cm PBH / ~74cm saddle height

58cm 650b A. Homer Hilsen
My main ride, capable of everything from commuting on the rugged streets of Oakland, to bike hobo-style light touring, to gliding through the single track in the Oakland/Berkeley hills. It really does it all. Paul Racer brakes stop well for loaded off road rambles, and give good clearance for 42mm tires and fenders. A gifted fancy WI crank, an old Rapid Rise XT der, SP dyno front hub and Schmidt lamp. Silver downtube shifter for the front der, to avoid eye-pokes when portaging up stairs to the BART platform. 

57cm Legolas
Built by Mark Nobillette with various customizations. SimpleOne-green paint. Full Shimano CX-70 group (really just cranks, brakes, front derailer,) with Microshift 10-speed bar ends. Hands On Wheels wheelset by Rich - Velocity protoype Quill rims laced to Shimano Ultegra hubs. Old Salsa stem (might be the dangerous one; can never recall) clamping a Robert/Roman bar, AKA Nitto M151F.

55cm Sam Hillborne
Get-a-rounder and city bike. Fenders for the rain (as seen!). Now sporting the fabulous B&M Eyc for safe zipping after the sun goes down. Drive train consists of the storied Altus rear derailer, a Shimano CX70 front der, and a Shimano CX50 crank. 8 speed FTW. This bike just works, feels great, and seems to avoid undue attention late nights downtown Oakland or SF.