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Commuting by Bike
Bike Commuting The bike doesn’t make the difference. People who say they don’t commute by bike because their bike isn’t suitable are making excuses in the wrong direction. There are plent
Getting Cars to Scooch Over; and Helmets
There’s an old bicycle-safety saw that says “be predictable,” but it’s not a slam dunk. Your first task is to stay alive, and unpredictability can help. When you’re riding on a bike trail a
How to Make the Rest of Your Family Hate Riding
Coach them on proper technique and critique their performance so they know where they stand. Insist on proper saddle height even if they’re afraid of not being able to put their feet flat on the gr
Riding in Traffic
In Jan or Feb of 1982 of VeloNews there was a letter written in response to a comment or letter in a previous issue, and the topic was riding in traffic. Thee original writer wrote in complaining abou
Saddle Sores
Saddle Sores   A warm, humid crotch and lots of pedaling can lead to skin problems, including the classic saddle sore, in all its throbbing, raging glory. Cycling dermatologist and Rivendell mem
Tips for Happy Riding
Tips for Happy Riding Learn right away that the front brake is the most effective one, and to never lock the front wheel in dirt (or on the road, but it's more likely in dirt). Learn how far you can
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