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650B Wheels
650B Wheels A good, rock-solid case can be made that if the bike world were to start from scratch, 650B would be the NORMAL size. Why not? It’s in between 26-inch and 700C, so it fits a wider range
700c Wheels
Our prebuilt stock wheels are available for order here . If you want custom wheels or have any questions at all please call (800)345-3918. Most of you know, and no shame if you don’t, that 700C is t
Additional Notes on Spokes & Weight
Sit down on a chair and lean your torso forward 25 degrees, so that there’s about a 65-deg angle between your thigh and your ‘orso. Now pull up your shirt and look at your belly. If it looks like
Nuts About Bike Bags We're nuts for bike bags. They're the best part of the bike. Any bag makes any bike more useful. The best bags make the best bikes look better while being more useful. You can't
Bar-End Pod Install
Bar-End Pod Install
Bars & Tape
Bars and Tape Handle Bar Tape Bar tape is cheap and easily changed and visible, and you feel it all the time. Therefore, make it a color you like to look at, and a color that looks good with the rest
Why Put a Basket on a Nice Bike? Why not?   is a better question. It just depends. To suave modern bicyclers, baskets are a symbol of low-brow, poor-folks, non-serious riding. But we like our ba
Broken Spokes and Their Wobbly Wheels
Spokes don’t break as much as they did in the ‘70s and earlier, because spokes got much better in the ‘80s, and spoke failures plummeted instantly. But not all spokes are good and not all wheel
Cantilever Brakes
Cantilever brakes Cantilever brakes are good for fat or semi-fat knobby tires, or fenders-all things which don't fit under the arch of sidepulls. And, cantilevers are more powerful than single-pivot
Close a quick-release skewer the right way
Close a quick-release skewer the right way
Cork Grips: Installation and Twine
Cork Grips: Installation and Twine
Cranks In England they're called "chainsets." In the U.S., "crank" and "crankset" usually refers to the crank arms and assembled chain rings. Most decent cranks are made of aluminum, although some ar
Decal Application - Top Mount
Decal Application - Top Mount
Electronic Shifting
Electronic Shifting (from RR42) Just because something has been tried and found unreliable before doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be tried again. If that were the case, your next cross-country business
Folding a wire-bead tire
Folding a wire-bead tire