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Custom Paint FAQs

Before reading on, realize that custom paint is expensive, and takes a long time. If you needed your bike yesterday or need it for a tour next month.... just stick with a stock color.

Who paints the frames? 

All our stock frames, i.e. not a custom, are painted by Rick at D&D Cycles in San Lorenzo, CA. 

Custom frames are painted by Joe Bell in San Diego, CA. 

Powder coating is done by E-Tec and MAAS Brothers. 

Here is a video of Rick @ D&D Cycles, 

How much does custom paint cost? 

Powder coating is the cheapest of all options at about $150 for a single color, frame & fork. No more clear-coats. 

Wet paint looks the best and is more expensive. Wet paint prices below. 

A single color frame & fork is $250

A single color with cream head-tube and cream lug windows is $350 (see below). 

If you want to go fancier, like lug lining and panelling around the decals (see below) then the price will be in the neighborhood of $450 to $750. Give us a call if you want a quote. 

How do I choose the color? 

There is a PDF of a DuPont Imron color chart through Joe Bell's website. To open the PDF, click on "Colors" a few bullet points down on Joe Bell's home-page.  Thanks Joe! 

You can also send us a paint sample if you have something more specific in mind. 

If you're nearby, you can come by and look at our color charts. 

Note: With computer monitors at different settings and a human eye trying to mix colors to match a sample, sometimes the color doesn't perfectly match. If it's not spot on it's usually very close. 

How long does it take? 

If we have the frame in stock, it should take 3-10 weeks to paint.  The time-frame varies due to custom-order volume and the fact that our painter picks up and drops off once a month. Be prepared for a two (UPDATE: THREE MONTH) month delay on delivery. There are no rush repaints.

Powder coating takes 3-4 weeks. 

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