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Rim Tape - Newbaums


Rim Tape Width

Product Details

Cotton Rim Tape, sold one roll at a time. One roll is needed for each rim.

Either made in the USA Newbaums or made in France Zefal or Velox, both good.

Pick either 17mm or 22mm wide tape.

The 17mm tape fits most road rims up to about 21mm wide (outside to outside). The 22mm tape is for most wider rims.

All the Velocity made wheelsets we sell have wide-ish rims so get the 22mm tape.

Oh--it goes on the outer circumference and protects the inner tube from the edges of the spoke holes....which will surely wreck the tube unless they're covered.

Also makes great bar tape, especially if you shellac it. You need about two rolls per side, so it costs more, but it lasts about 3x as long as regular bar tape (bad news for those who enjoy fraying cloth bar tape over time, and yes, we exist).

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