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Stein Frame Quill for Repair Stands

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If you’re a serious home mechanic, if you buy frames and put parts on them or do your own maintenance in your own home bike stand, you’ll find this to be a strictly unnecessary but super nice tool to have.


A seat post does the same thing, but if you work on bikes a lot, you know that sometimes for any number of reasons, the seat post is not up for grabs. Lights or saddlebag or some kind of rack or support on it, not enough of post exposed, and if the bike goes in and out of the stand frequently, there ought to be a faster, smoother way to put it on and take it off. This thing, which we’re now calling a Frame Quill, was developed just north of Mexico, at Joe Bell’s painting place. Bill Holland may have had a hand in it, I don’t remember.  They all used it and sent us three, and every Rivendell frame that’s come though here since has been held in place by one.


These are made even better, and slicker, by Jim Stein, whose shop in Arizona is also north of Mexico. Jim is clever and good, and these new ones have replace our old ones,  not because the oldies didn’t work, but because we love these and they’re unavailable in the world, so we though we’d have twenty of them made. They cost us $35 each, plus design time, correspondence time with Jim. We’re selling the first ones for $73 each. It’s less than a wash and even without the COVID-19 we probably won’t get any more of them.  They’re for bikes that fit seat posts from 26.8mm to 27.4mm. Grease the threads at the bottom.


Selling pro tools for home use is a lousy plan to make money, but we like to bring you super neat stuff when it comes up, and this is one of those things. We won’t be repeating this order any time soon, if ever.

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