Shifters - Thumb - IRD Silver SOS power ratchet

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Silver SOS Thumbshifters

Silver-on-Soma thumbshifter mounts. This project started so long ago that I’d forgotten all about it, until I got a pair. I got not a sample, not a prototype, but a production pair. Usually that’s a bad sign, because usually there’s something in the first sample that needs fixing; not this time. They work wonderfully, and it’s high time. The shift lever has been shortened, and then capped with a black rubbery thing.

A perfectly good---even really good alternative to these is the Shimano bar-end shifter (8 speed or 9 speed) on Paul Thumbies. You’ll be happy with either, easily.

Includes little metal shims so the clamp works on both 26.0/25.4 road drop bars and 22.2 mtn bike bars. Clamps are hinged for no scratching, easy installation on the old bar that's already on your bike.

No cables or housing, just the shifters and bar clamps. Since these are fricition shifters, you don't need compressionless (index) housing; you can use cheap coiled brake housing.
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