Saddle - Brooks Limited Edition



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B17 Standard Classic, limited edition

These are standard classic Brooks B.17 saddles in flashy colors and with chromed, not the standard black, steel rails.   Get them while you can; there's no more to be had when Brooks runs out.

And the rivets are silver and set in there by a machine, instead of being copper and pounded by a hammer-wielding guy with large, tattooed forearms. It's 17cm wide. It is the best all-around Brooks model, and the one that makes Brooks so famous and popular these days. If you sit really upright, consider another model (like the B67). But for general sportsy-type riding, this is the one we prefer, and this basic model is the cheapest way to get it.

Length: 275mm
Width: 175mm
Height: 65mm
Weight: 520g

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