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Randi Jo Fab grey Saddle Cover

Randi Jo Fab grey Saddle Cover

Randi Jo Fabrications Saddle Covers

It fits on top, cups around the sides and snaps into place, and then there’s an underflap that protects the underside of your saddle from slimy road grimey water, if you’re out there in the rain with no fenders.

In general, we’re all for letting the leather hang out there and look good and age as it will. A coating of Obenauf’s protects it most of the time. BUT a super soaking on a long ride can kill your saddle for good, and so on any ride that’s wet or so long and hot that your butt sweat is likely to soak it, we recommend one of these.

Also, because it covers the leather, it makes your saddle slightly less attractive to saddle thieves, and they’re out there.

All in all, use one of these some or all of the time. Grey only. Goes with everything, and has cutaways for the saddlebag loops.

Two sizes:

- Narrow one is made to specifically fit Brooks B.17 and Flyer but it will probably fit most other saddles, too.
- Wider size fits Brooks B.66, B.67, B.67, B.72.

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