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We’ve sold this brand on and off but mostly on for 20 years, since before wool caught on with the yoga crowd, since before Smartwool, Ibex, and whatever other more-famous-than-us brands there are.

They’re 100 percent virgin merino wool, which means the fibers are less than 24 microns thick, and one micron is 1/10000th of an inch.

Virgin means it’s not recycled, and that is significant because recycled wool has shorter fibers, which are stiffer and pokier.

The fabric is interlock, which is a way of knitting wool that gives it body, nice stretch, and extreme wrinkle-resistance.

The weight per meter is 230g. There are 28.35 gramps per ounce. It’s a midweight fabric. A thick base layer, a light outer. We find it’s good by itself down to about 50 degrees, and below that you can add something under, but more likely over it.

Wool has properties that make it less stinky than synthetics, or even cotton. It doesn’t let armpit oil stay on top and get rancid.

On top of all that, they’re stitched with a flat overlock, which is comfortable and durable. In all the years we’ve sold and worn them, I/Grant have seen one seam come apart, and we replaced that.


Shrinkage: Wash warm, no need to dry after the spin cycle because they’ll dry overnight. If you must dry them, do it Warm at most.


Durability: Ten years per garment? It’s not a guarantee, but based on our experience and reports from our customers, that’s conservative.

 Long-sleeve T-shirts

The gray marle and dark olive.

The “gray marle” is like that athletic gray t-shirt color. It is only 99 percent wool, because the mottled effect works only when the dye doesn’t soak into the synthetic. Rest assured, it functions ninety-nine percent as well as one hundred percent wool. It’s the only one with a European V-neck, which means a slight V-neck.


Fit: They’re “unisex,” which pisses off some women, but all the maker means by that is that both mean and women look irresistible in them.

A Medium men’s is a Large women’s. But here’s the real skinny: They’re Euro-sized, and in Europe they like their clothes tight. If you like less tight, buy a size up. If you like loose, buy two sizes up. We stock  only up to XXL, so the two-sizes up bit works only if you’re a Fruit of the Loom large.


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