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Grundens Bike Poncho

Here's the new April 2017 description, a shortie. The old original follows:

This the the bike poncho to get if you're ready to cross the line and join the tiny club. It's the best bike poncho I/Grant have used, of about four—but keep in mind that I was never into cheap lousy ponchos, so "best of four" might as well be "best of twenty-four."

The only thing to add is: No, there's no hat. There are too many possibilities, and there's one other thing, now that you mention it. You can snap up the neck part and still probably raise the neck to your chin and put your chin in it for a "tight chin/chest seal" if conditions warrant that. There's a drawcord, too—but we're pretty anti-draw cord around here.

Here's the old description for anybody on the fence:

This poncho was in the works for 18 months. After four prototypes, we have what seems to be the perfect poncho. Considering that a poncho is little more than a roundish piece of fabric with a head-hole in it, that may not mean much, but it is true nonetheless.

For one thing, the fabric is fire-hose proof. Grunden's makes serious foul weather gear for cod fishermen on the rainy open seas, and nobody on earth knows rain 'bric like Grundens does.

It's yellow for visibility. No half-blind drunk can miss it, but if you wanna be sure, buy a strip of this tape, round the edges and lay it on, and it should stick there for a while. At some point it may peel off, but it's still better to stick it on than to sew it; and no spray-on shines nearly as well.

There's the expected waist strap and thumb loops, a gusset at the neck, and a drawcord. No head-covering, so you can wear your crash helmet or a rain hat, and turn your head without looking at fabric.

Two sizes: Medium fits to 5' 8"; L fits 5' 9" and up. If you're 5' 8.5, you're out of luck.

Get a Brooks poncho for $290; or a Carradice. They're both fine, no doubt. This Grundens is by no means the only good bike poncho in the land, but we worked with Grundens on what few details a poncho actually has, and it came out just right.

Whenever you have to ride a few miles in a downpour, this is the thing to wear. It'll keep you dry from neck to a bit below the knees. Combined with MUSA Rain Pants (we used to sell these, can't anymore, and won't, so find some rainpants elsewhere) and Musa Splats, and you're all set.

Bike ponchos favor--that is to say, they work best---with a more upright riding position. This Grundens should last you 20 years, and won't ever leak or require maintenance.


A Rivendell Bicycle Works exclusive garment.

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