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Nitto Big Back Rack - Medium 32R

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Nitto Big Back Rack, Medium 32R

This is the best, strongest, and most beautiful pannier-capable rack we've seen. Nitto makes it just for us out of 9mm tubular CrMo which is then nickel-plated so it'll look good forever.

The joints are fillet-brazed, and the stressed areas are de-stressed by triangles, the strongest shape in the world. While anything CAN break, it is highly unlikely that this rack will. Nitto rates it at 44lb max capacity. Some lesser racks are rated for higher loads, but it's different people doing the rating. We're sticking with 44lb, and that assumes proper installation and snug-enough bolts.

The connecting rods are adjustable, and installation is simple. The weak point in this proposition is that we don't include mounting instructions. In our defense, that in more than 7 years of selling this rack, we never have, but there isn't much you can foul up. You may have to bend the connecting rods. We put them n a vise and whack the with a wooden mallet. Look at the extra photos for clues in the close-ups. Note: If you're installing this on a fat bike, or any bike with a lot of distance from the top of the tire to the seatstay, you'll need to buy the 35cm struts on top of what comes with the rack. You'll  have useless spares.

Two versions:

Medium 32R, for frames up to about 54cm.  Platform is 34.3cm x 13cm.

Large 33R, for frames bigger than that.   Platform is 35cm x 13cm.

Both work with 700c, 650B, 26" wheels. To know for sure what size is best, measure straight up from your rear dropout eyelet to the top of the wheel. If you get anything greater than 325mm (13") get the Large one. Otherwise, the Medium will fit best.

Torque Specs

Weight: 2.1 pounds.

This rack isn't compatible with the Yepp Maxi kid seat unless you get the Thule adapters.

On certain Riv models, a set of m6 washers may be needed for ideal mounting