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Handlebar Grip - Portuguese Tree Cork - grooved and punched for Barend shifters (Each, not pair)

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Sold individually, Not pair. 

CORK GRIPS written FEB 9, 2021

Please note: These are super grips, the classiest of all AND they work well...but they need to be glued to your handlebars, and if you're not up for that, get another kind of grip. This friendly advice, but it's also prudent advice. We don't want you pulling them off and crashing, then getting hurt, then suing. That has never happened, but we can't be too careful. Gorilla Glue will keep them on. Follow the instruction on the glue, and you're good.

They’re supremely light, slightly cushy, good-enough grippy. They’ll make any bike look better. They’re grippiest raw, but we always shellac them clear (darkens them a hair) or with amber (makes them amber-ish). Then they stay cleaner longer. If you find you need even more grip—doubtful yet possible—lay a strip of bar tape across the top, lengthwise and around the end, grip to grip. OR twist a few fat rubber bands over the cork..

If you want cheaper tougher grippier, we’ve got those too, and so does every bike shop in town plus Amazon. But we’re the only ones in the world with these. Not the only ones with cork grips, but the other cork grips are pressed together like Prest-O Logs from scrap cork crumbs, and held together with glue. Ours are genuine ring cork from Portugal, the cork capitol of the world.

Two styles:
For bar-end shifters: Grooved and slotted and holey at both ends. Can’t hold water.
Normal: NOT for bar-end shifters. Like most grips. Holds water.


1.Use 3M super 77 Spray Adhesive or Gorilla Glue. The video shows Permatex. It's an. old video and we don't want to make a new one just yet.

2.Follow the instructions.

With 3M Super 77, let it get tacky before pushing on the grips, and let it set at least 24 hrs. With Gorilla Glue---just follow the instructions, and don't overdue it. Gorilla Glue expands and some may leak out. Scrape it off with a flathead screwdriver.

Not using barend shifters? Then get the "normal" style cork grips.

For 22.2mm (7/8") handlebar grip diameter (which is the standard size for all mt bikey, straight, cruiser non-drop handlebars). Will not work on 23.8mm grip diameter of road drop or moustache style bars.

Sold individually, Not pair