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TOSCO BARS (normal and Bullmoose style)


A spectacular medium-rise, sweep-back bar ideal for comfortable riding on trails, roads, anywhere. 

It comes in a few variants—a "separate" version to fit with the stem of your choice; and an integrated bar-stem "Bullmoose" version which does away with the stem and is totally non-adjustable.

The separate versions fit either 25.4mm handlebar centers or 31.8mm handlebar centers.



In 2016 or so we had NITTO make us the BOSCO bar, with 3.5-inches of rise, some flare at the grips, and lots of sweep-back (the bars come back toward you). It's a great bar. 

Then BLUE LUG, a kindred spirit bike shop in Tokyo, asked NITTO for a variant, a low-rise version they call the LOSCO. Is the “L” for “low”? We opt to assume that, and we sell the LOSCO, too. A really nice bar, with less flare than the BOSCO. When we say "flare," we don't mean style or pizazz. We mean, literally, the ends don't point out as much.

Then we asked NITTO for a mid-rise version, but they were swamped and couldn’t do it. So we went to Taiwan, and after a year and a few prototypes, we got the TOSCO (for “Taiwan Bosco”). 

There's a normal version, which requires a stem like any other handlebar; and two TOSCO-MOOSE versions, a Tosco-bar version of a Bullmoose bar, with integrated stem.

To confuse the easily baffled, the TOSCO-MOOSE comes in a quill version, for bikes with threaded headsets and 1-inch steer tubes; and a Clamp-On version, for bikes with threadless, 1 1/8-inch steer tubes. To make matters worse for us and our inventory, by mid-Feb we'll have three widths. That is insane, given the other bars we stock, but there's no backing out of it now.


Best for use with thumb-shifter or trigger shifters (modern Shimano, etc.)

Finish: Silvery, good enough for any bike, but not up to NITTO standards.

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