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Rosco Baby Frameset



Product Details

Rosco Baby, the whole scoop on it

The idea is an easy-mounting bike that also has enough length where it needs it for a behind-the-handlebar style baby carrier. This is the most cuddlesome way to haul a child on a bike, but most bikes are just too short to work well. They’re too short because nobody wants to make a bike specifically for this task….because it seems too specialized, too small of a market.

Rosco Baby is the working name…in fact it may come with Rosco Bubbe graphics, because they already exist, and Rosco Bubbe has been for a few years now, our “catch-all” model for special project bikes.

The challenge is to get low standover, long length, and a laterally stiff enough frame all in one. Any two of these is easy, but all three are difficult. The prototypes have proved that, and in proving that, have taught us how to fix it, where to compromise without creating yet another dysfunctional baby carryier bike.

To nail it after the first round of near-hits, we hypothesized something that seemed pretty obvious to us, but we ran it by a fellow in Taiwan who makes lots of our bikes, will make this one, and knows more than I/Grant do about frame structures (and I’m confident that I know a good amount). He said Yes, your solution will work, and yet added another twist to make it work even better. The frame drawings you see here are the result.

If you want a super baby carrier bike, I know this is the one. It doesn’t have the super low step thru of the prototypes, but is much better braced against lateral twisting, so it gonna ride just fine. The tubes are fatter and ovalized here and there to further guard against twisting.

We’re going to order as many of these frames as we get orders for, but there has to be at least five per size (S, M, L). There is no way in hell that we’re going to do this twice. I hope a mainstream maker picks it up. They can have our drawings for free. It probably won’t happen, though, so this is likely the only chance. We have materials prepared for  up to 12 of each sized frame.

The frames will cost $800 each. We’re cutting our margins a bit because we don’t think enough people will buy them if we don’t, and we’re already to some extent obligated to do something with them. The color is "RBW Blue" which we've had before on Cheviots, Appaloosas and Roadinis. We’ll put together smart build kits that’ll get you up and riding as painlessly as we can muster; and you have the option of buying just the frame and fork, then rag-tagging the bike together with parts you already have.

Once you buy the bike it’s yours, of course, and it will remain a useful bike for only as long as you have children of the right weight that don’t mind riding around with you. From 9 months to 3 ½ years is about right, but in any case, no more than 33lbs (that weight determined by the child carrier, not the frame designer/maker).

When your baby’s too big, you can probably sell it for a decent price—maybe to other Rivendellers who are familiar with it, or maybe to friends or whatever. Or if you’re rich, just give it to somebody, or lend it to ‘em for a couple of years, then get it back, tune it up, and re-lend it. A bike like this ought to be carrying a baby. It may or may not work for other things, but get it with the baby in mind, because that was all we designed it for.

52cm: 27.5-in. (fat 650B)
58cm: 29ers (fat 700c)

Rear wheel space: 135mm.  Quill stems. One bottle (how long are you going out for?, and put a saddlebag on it if you need more room—or a rear rack and panniers.) Stout CrMo tubing. Weight was less a concern here than it ever is, but the tubing isn’t “in your face” heavy or anything. If weight is your concern, don’t buy.

Includes FSA Headset and a 29.8 Kalloy Seat Post

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