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2018 UPDATE:  MUSA (Made in USA) Hunqapillars are made to order. Please call (800) 345-3918  to discuss sizing and place a deposit. Lead times are 4-6 month. That may improve, but we warn you now, delays are long.

Green with cream details/decals.

More, better, photos on the Hunqaflikr.

History. Concept. Etc.
Our most extravagant, screw-the-expense bike was the off-roady Bombadil, and the Hunqapillar is a budgetated version of that bike—only slightly short-cutted to make it a lot more affordable and barely less heavy duty than it’s much more expensive big brother. But still—the Hunqapillar is extremely labor-intensive bike by any standards, you pay more for it than you will for a welded bike. (Not a jab at welded bikes, just a fact.)
Like all of our bikes, the Hunqapillar is hand-made of fine, lugged steel, and uses our own quite expensive and fine investment-cast fittings.

The Hunqapillar is a touring bike—for road or trail.
The riding position, clearance for fat tires and fenders, and braze-ons make the Hunqapillar ready for touring on any surface and in any weather. You won’t find a better touring bike. Some may have disc brakes or suspension or other features of debatable worth, but the Hunqapillar, without them, is our idea of perfect.

And it's a trail bike.
The tubes are stout, but reasonable in weight, and the strong lugged joints should last for decades. There’s clearance for 58mm tires. If you need fatter than that, get a Pugsley.
Trivia: Former employee Daniel rode a proto-Hunqapillar the entire 2700-miles of the Great Divide trail. No problem. The current ones are vast improvements over that.

And it’s an all-‘rounder, too.
You could argue that it’s overkill (strengthwise) for unloaded day rides or general use, but the argument against that argument is even better: The engine (you) still comprises by far the largest percentage of weight on a ready-to-go bicycle, and most adult humans on Earth are better served by losing two to four pounds off the engine—which won’t weaken it— than by taking it off the bike, which will absolutely weaken it. The Hunqapillar is lean but strong.

Meet the Diagatube.
It’s the obvious oddball tube on the 58cm and 62cm Hunqapillars, and it strengthens and stiffens the frame by reestablishing the triangulation lost by the taller head tubes. The weight “penalty” is only 8oz or so—too little to even raise an eyebrow over, considering the strength and load-carrying capability of the Hunqapillar. An extra tube is proven technology in developing countries where roads are bad and the loads carried are heavy. Bikes without them don’t last. The Hunqapillar has just adopted the same idea, but on a really fine bike.
The 54cm and smaller Hunqapillars don’t have room for the diagatube. They have enough triangulation already, and don’t need it.

How do I build up a Hunqapillar?
With our help, please, because we’ve built them up for others, and you’ll benefit tremendously from that experience. You can still guide the spec as much or as little as you like. We can either take the reins and ask for your approval, or let you take the reins, and interfere only when we see you heading off a cliff. In any case, we favor “all-around” builds that make your Hunqapillar seem dialed in for however, wherever you ride it. We offer a variety of great parts and great values that work harmoniously, and we can easily determine which bars, shifters, pedals, wheels and tires, and accessories will make you feel at home from the start. There are so many possibilities, our patience is infinite, and we will not let you pick a bad part.
  • If you will use Cantis, be sure to purchase cable hangars (not included)

Sizing & Fitting.
We determine your size based on your pubic bone height (PBH). As sizing-fitting methods go, it is disarmingly simple, always accurate, and has proven itself on many thousands of riders and fittings since we developed it 1996. You can read online how to measure your PBH, or we can talk you through it on the phone. We also have keen radar for PBH numbers that don’t jive with your height and weight, and — basically—we are confident that you’ll get the right size.

The PBH/size breakdown is:

47cm Hunqa: 75.5 - 80cm PBH (Saddle height 65 to 69 cm)
50cm Hunqa: 81 - 83cm PBH (Saddle height 70 to 72 cm)
53cm Hunqa: 84 - 85cm PBH (Saddle height 73 to 74cm)
56cm Hunqa: 86 - 88cm PBH (Saddle height 75-77cm)
59cm Hunqa: 88 - 92cm PBH (Saddle height 77-81cm)
59cm Hunqa: 88 - 92cm PBH (Saddle height 77-81cm)
62cm Hunqa: 93 - 98cm PBH (Saddle height 82-87cm)

Basically, the Hunqapillar is easy to size. Nine in ten riders can go by the following:

Under 5' 6" : 48cm
5'6" to 5'8" : 51cm
5-9" to 5-11: 54cm
Long-legged 5-10" to 6-1: 58cm
Long legged 6ft to 6-4.4: 62cm

If you're in the high sixes, get a Bombadil, either a 64cm or 68cm. It costs more, but it's still a good deal, and if you're too tall for a 62 Hunqa, then you probably haven't ever had a bike that fit you (in your adult life), and it's time for the madness to stop.

“Can this happen well and right without me being there? What if something goes wrong?”
Like what? We’ve never had a bike misassembled or maladjusted. If that were to happen, we’d take care of it at our expense. But consider the responsibility we have when we sell expensive bikes to people we’ve never met who live thousands of miles away. We know, from our own experience, the feeling of helplessness that overwhelms you when your long-awaited widget shows up wrong. If that were to happen, we’ll be there for you. The relationship and niceness doesn’t end with the sale.

Is the bike ready to ride right out of the box?
Your bike has been thoroughly tested before we boxed it, and then minimally disassembled to fit it into the box. Re-assembly takes 15 to 30 minutes. We have a video online showing you how, but if you’d rather take it to a bike shop, by all means do so. We pack the bike so well that unpacking it will take about half as long as re-assembling it, so if you’re paying by the hour, unpack it yourself. Expect a shop to charge $30 to $40 to reassemble it. The reassembly video is:

Cost, lead-time, etc.
A Hunqapillar frame, fork, and headset cost $2350, and the standard color is a wonderful green we call Jay’s Green, because Jay was the first one to get it. So much for him having an exclusive. Other colors cost from zero to $350 extra, typically, but the green is really, really good. Jay has good taste.

The parts to complete a Hunqapillar run from $1600 to $2500, but $1600 gets you plenty of options and all good stuff—it’s really the way to go, unless you simply must fancy it up. All told, look to spend between $3,600 and $4,600 on a complete Hunqapillar. Lead time is typically four months, but at any given time we may have your bike in stock.

Which handlebar?
This is the hardest decision you'll make, because every option makes sense. If you're in love with drop bars, go ahead. Put them on a DirtDrop stem, and you'll love life. If you want maximum comfort and the most upright position: Albatross bars. Use a Technomic Deluxe stem. 10 to 12cm long. Probably a quarter of the Hunqas will go out with Albastache H'bars -- either with a DirtDrop 8 or 10, or a Technomic 7 to 8cm. And heavens, what better choice for a Hunqapillar than the BoscoBullmoose bar? Hand-fillet brazed by Nitto of CrMo steel, it complements the bike and will confound any newbie who sees it.

Don't put on anything smaller than a 40mm. And that one, only for road touring. If most of your riding is on pavement but you want trailabilities, go with a 50-55mm Schwalbe Big Ben or Marathon Deluxe or Mondial or Almotion. For rugged trails, knobbies up to an actual 2.3" work great.

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