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The long-awaited sequel to our line of mixtes, the Platypus. The biggest difference between the Plat and the Cheviot is that the Platypus has V-brakes, a little more clearance, and the mid-size (55cm) fits 700c wheels, not 650b...and the chainstays are a hair longer on the small and med.

Most photos are b&w because we don't have a frame in the proper color yet. See the tube samples for the right colors.

An upright step-through for all

Three sizes: 

PBH's are lightly flexible because of the step-through

50cm (650b)
PBH range 74cm to 81cm
SADDLE HEIGHT 65cm to 70cm.
55cm (700c)
PBH 82 to 87cm
SADDLE HEIGHT 71cm to 76cm.
60cm (700c)
PBH 87 to 96cm
SADDLE HEIGHT 76cm to 95cm.

You can fit a bigger Platypus than a Homer or a Sam or Altantis because there's no top tube to hit your crotch.

A common and reasonable concern: 
What about top tube length--if I can fit a bigger frame seat-tubewise, won't the top tube be too long?

PROBABLY not. These bikes are designed for upright, sweepy-back bars (Albatross and Bosco, for example), and the sweep-back gobbles up horizontal reach in huge mouthfuls.

Let's say you're 5-7 with a PBH of 85. You can ride either a 55 or a 60. With the 55 you might ride a higher stem with a longer extension (let's say, a Nitto Tallux 11cm raised to the Max Ht line). Well, on the 60 you could get a similar position with an 8 or 9cm stem sunk deeper into the frame. The location of the handlebar will be the same.

Clearly, the 55 will ultimately allow a lower bar and the 60 a higher one, but these aren't low-bar bikes from the get-go, so who cares? The MAXIMUM allowable handlebar height is more of a matter than the MINIMUM height.

If any of this is confusing, extreme apologies. We deal with these bikes and fittings and different bodies every day and for a living, and we'll nail it for you.

In any case, the Platypus, in a few ways, is our most all-around useful, comfortable, democratic bike. Over the next 30 years of your life, it is the bike most likely to be hauled out the front door.

It’s a country bike like our Sam. That’s what we call it. But most people don’t know what that is exactly so to kowtow to categorization here we go: Road tourer. All-Road. Gravel Grinder.

It’s also nimble and more than able for fast fire-road rides with the right tires. There are plenty of tires to attire your Sam from gravel-grinding cross tires to light and zippy road slicks to bulletproof commuters. 

Everything that makes it a great touring bike also makes it a great commuter, camper or all-rounder. 

Platypus like most of our bikes are/have:

  • Tough steel frame
  • Comfortable seat
  • upright Handlebars within reach
  • Rack Mounts in the right place
  • Fender Mounts in the right place
  • Room for big tires 2.2" (up to 48mm fendered)
  • Wiggle room for those big tires

 A la carte build kits available - more info here.

Frameset shipping to the lower 48 (regardless of what the cart says and always ground):

$87 flat rate

more elsewhere and more for completes, please inquire


  • Headset, bottom bracket, and seat post (26.8) included. Please let us know in the order notes if you'd like a build or just the frame. We're may or may not do a presale this time, more on that as the arrival nears. 
  • If you're using cantis, be sure to purchase cable hangers (not included) for more photos

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