SKS Fender Mudflap, SHORT, each

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If you discover that the SKS Longboard fenders are a little too long for you then this little spoiler will make it all better. About 2" shorter than the really long front fender flap that is standard on the Longboard. It looks like it's hard plastic but it's actually soft pliable rubber.

Now includes a plastic screw and plastic nut instead of plastic rivet* hardware. We recommend using zip ties or a metal screw and nut instead of the plastic hardware. Hopefully SKS will go back to the sort of strange but secure plastic rivet hardware though.

* How to remove the special plastic rivet:

-Press out the metal center pin

-The silver washer should now slide off the plastic rivet

-Push out the plastic rivet

-Flap will now slide off fender

This will also work with non-Longboards (like the P45), just as long as it's a fender 42-45mm wide.

Easy to install: slip this on the end of the fender, make a mark on the fender with a sharpie where the hole in the flap is, drill about a 1/4" hole in the fender and use the special plastic rivet things to hold it on.

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