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**Clem H Completes do not include saddles, pedals, or grips — a complete list parts can be found below. Saddles, pedals, and grips of your choice can be added to the Cart before checkout**

A note on seat stays: 45cm, 52cm, and 65cm Clem Hs all have straight seat stays, while the 59cm has curved seat stay. This is because of the 59cm and 65cm use our oversized seat lug – this lug has a fixed angle between the seat tube and seat stays which results in the bent stays on the 59cm. Have more questions? Give us a call!
The Clems are our less expensive but no less functional models. They ride just as well as our most expensive frames, but we've brought the cost down by:
  • Tig welding most of the joints (see first sentence below)
  • Having the completes assembled where they're made, in Taiwan

Most of the joints are tig welded but there's a seat lug, two lug-like head tube reinforcing rings, and one of our ultra-duper fork crowns. It's our model RC-05, a wide, flat-shouldered crown that's also used on our Hunqapillar and allows tires up to a 2.4 easily.

As a trail bike, commuter, shopper, all-around ruffabout bike, it’s as pure and perfect as you’ll find anywhere. I/Grant think of it as a mountain bike–and the frame does pass the mountain bike EN test, the toughest in the world, so it’s not going to break on you. But in the 2017 real world bicycle market, "mountain bike" has come to mean 'barely a bicycle anymore, mostly a motocross bike, with motocross bike aesthetics.'

CLEM is no less a mountain bike for its lack of suspension. It doesn't encourage you to ride like beyond your limits, though. With no mechanical suspension, you ride rutted trails with your joints relaxed and absorb shocks unthinkingly-automatically, the same way you’d do it if you jumped to the floor from the top of a ladder.

An unsuspended/natural style mountain bike rules out showing-off and stupid riding. It means you go slower, which means you might not keep up with your full-gizmo’d comrades. You travel over the ground, you don’t go at it with the latest land-conquering weaponry developed for the modern mountain biker.

The CLEM will be around and in use in 60 years and will still be a great bike then. There's nothing weird about it, it will always be easy to service, because nothing is hidden in blackboxes and there's nothing electronic. It's a bike that will outlive all trends and keep on going. Un-obsoletable!


45cm / 26-inch traditional mountain bikey size wheels.
Typical rider height: 5-0 to 5-5

52cm / 27.5-inch new mountain bikey size wheels.
Typical rider height: 5-5 to 5-11

59cm, 65cm /700c newish mountain bike size (29r)
Typical rider height: 5-9 to 6-8
(We also have made a 64cm CLEM-L--a mixte-style big bike. It's a smart bike for any rider over 6-feet tall, but most riders think tall mixtes are only for giant women, so we've made only 12 and may not do more than that. It's not a mistake bike in any sense; it's just a smart bike that nobody's asking for.)
  • FSA Duron headset
  • Nitto Tallux Stem (11cm for the 52, 12cm for the 59)
  • 55cm Cromo Bosco
  • Silver 38/24 Cranks (173mm for 52, 178mm for the 59)
  • Deore Rear Derailleur
  • Claris Front Derailleur
  • Deore V-Brakes
  • Sunrace BLM V-brake levers
  • Microshift Thumbies, mounted inboard the way we like 'em
  • Nine speed 12-34 Sunrace cassette
  • Alex DM24 Rims 32/36
  • 9 speed chain
  • Non-Pletscher but still good kickstand
  • Kalloy Post (29.8mm for the 59, 26.8 for the 45 and 52)
  • Grey Housing
  • No Saddle, Grips, or Pedals are included in the price of this product

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  • Bike Shipping: $175 +/- to lower 48
  • International is more complicated - call or email

We'll adjust the final shipping charge when the frame/bike actually ships.

You can always arrange to pick up your bike here in Walnut Creek, California. California pickups and deliveries pay California sales tax. 

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