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In the past, going back starting about 2007, we had a line of sweatery things, vests, cardigans, short-plackets, made for us in England out of 100 percent Cheviot sheeps wool in a color (it doesn't seem like a "color") the maker calls Derby Tweed. 

It looks olive-like from across the moor (that's me being irritating whilst trying to be British), but is actually made of 7 different colored wool fibres (apologies). 

It shames all other sweater-colors of all time and always will. 

We have to pick a style. We can go with something we've done in the past, and with that you get some sizing or pattern quirk that's entirely my fault and came about because I overthought everything and had the false confidence that pushed me to modify tried and true, established and successful sizes and patterns. 

But I don't want the "Grant Petersen wrecks sizing while trying to improve it quirks," so we're going with the maker's style and sizing. They've had 50+ years to get it right for industry and military, and you don't want to tick-off the military. 

The RIV-difference this time is that we want an existing style (with a vertical rib) made in a lighter weight wool, because it's as much for riding in as it is for hanging out at the pub and eating bubble-and-squeak, bangers, or mutton. A heavy wool sweater that takes up most of a saddlebag when you inevitably take it off is not a good deal even for free. Your grandkids would give it to the Good Will, or maybe their mom would just toss it.

This midweight wool variant using the same pattern (with a vertical rib) has a minimum order quantity (internationally abbreviated as MOQ, and is the thing that keeps us from being super prolific) 250 sweaters.

They'd get here around as early as Halloween or as late as Ground Hog day. We're shooting for Thanksgiving for sure. An order like this is too risky without promises of sales. We'd close up and I'd have many peoples lifetimes supply of fine British sweaters, which would always remind me of my foible, and so even I would hate them.

UNLESS you commit to buying one (with a vertical rib) for $120. Ye olde odd bargain hunters won't do it, and shouldn't. You can buy U.S. military sweaters for $25. But you can buy lots of way worse things for much more. A 100 percent wool, British-made sweater for $120 in 2019 is nothing too much to apologize for or defend, and yet...

If $120 won't impact you and you can trust us to deliver a cool sweater without even seeing it, then add your size to the cart and hope for the best. It's not merino wool. It's an outer layer. It'll look dressy and smart, but it'll be good on a cold bike ride. It's 100 percent wool. It will shrink if you wash it hot with your sox and undies. I am a perfect Large, but I'm going to get an XL and wash it warm and not dry it. You could, conceivably, buy two sizes up and wash it and dry it and nearly turn it to felt-for-Antarctica. 


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