Shirt - Aussie Wool Grassy LS Zip-Turtlenecker



Product Details

The perfect top for riding, walking, sitting around indoors or out, when it's below about 70-degrees. Base layer or only layer. Soft, 100 percent merino wool, made in Australia, we've sold these for 15 years, always popular, and I/Grant once wore one 150 days in a year. I've got more wool than I can point to at this point, tons of functional overlap, it's really too much, but I still wear these guys at least 50 days a year, layered and not.

Wash warm, let it air dry. Body is long. If you're a short-waisted human and want it shorter, get your scissors, cut a few inches off the hem, and don't worry about it fraying, because it won't. They're not weirdly too long, just "on the long side." 

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