MUSA Pants - Grey/Blue Gusset

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MUSA pants. Made in the USA

These pants are a charcoal grey with  navy blue for the pockets and gusset.

We've made them since 2004, and these are the best ones yet.

They're still light, tough, quick-drying textured nylon; as good as ever for riding, hiking, anything short of formal.

We know you can get get similar pants just as well-made and with more trick features for less, but for riding bikes and all-around use, none beat these, and they're made in the U.S. If our profit on them was industry standard, they'd cost $130.

Smalls have a 29" relaxed waist and a 30.5" inseam. Waist sizes 28"-32"

Mediums have a 32" relaxed waist and a 30.75" inseam. Waist sizes 31"-35"

Larges have a 35" relaxed waist and a 31" inseam. Waist sizes 34"-38"

XLs have a 38" relaxed waist and a 31" inseam. Waist sizes 37"-41"

You won't not like them.

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