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MUSA pants. Made in the USA

These pants do not have a contrasting color for the pockets and gusset. They're all black!

We've made them since 2004, and these are the best ones yet.

Compared to the older (and still good!) -

  • They're 2-inches shorter
  • No more zippers and velcro at the bottom. They taper enough to stay out of chainrings, and if you're paranoid, use an ankle strap or clothespin. Meanwhile, no fussing down below.
  • The old sewn-in elastic in the waist was too snug, so we relaxed it an inch and a half. Breathe deep, eat up, stick out in comfort!
  • No more reflective strip at the bottom. If you're concerned about visibility, you already have lights and reflectors, right? This way, you can wear them more places without embarrassing your date.

They're still light, tough, quick-drying textured nylon; as good as ever for riding, hiking, anything short of formal.

We know you can get get similar pants just as well-made and with more trick features for less, but for riding bikes and all-around use, none beat these, and they're made in the U.S. If our profit on them was industry standard, they'd cost $130.

They come in grey with navy blue pockets and gusset.

Smalls have a 29" relaxed waist and a 30.5" inseam. Waist sizes 28"-32"

Mediums have a 32" relaxed waist and a 30.75" inseam. Waist sizes 31"-35"

Larges have a 35" relaxed waist and a 31" inseam. Waist sizes 34"-38"

XLs have a 38" relaxed waist and a 31" inseam. Waist sizes 37"-41"

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