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I/Grant have sewn about a mile with this device, and wouldn’t have made it to adulthood without it. The name is misleading—it’s far from speedy, but you use it for sewing short stuff, like buckles to webbing, webbing or leather to packs, things like that. The thing is, if you have some heavy fabric that needs sewing, you shouldn’t be at a loss or at the mercy of somebody with a sewing machine that can’t handle heavy fabric, anyway.

Make belts, knife sheaths, ax sheaths, harnesses, straps…. Probably you have no immediate need, and that’s fine. Get this, sew twelve inches with it, and you’ll be the master of your domain for as long as you live.

The Speedy Stitcher is the sole product of an ancient, family-owned business. It sells all over the country at least, and is still made in America.

Extra thread and needles are available many places. We’ll have them here too, but don’t worry about that now. It comes with two needles and thread to last you a year of frequent stitching.
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