Rack - Front - RBW Basket Rack by Nitto (RBW52F)

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Our Basket Rack by Nitto, a Rivendell exclusive

The long awaited Nitto Basket Racks are finally here and they're everything we hoped for. The connection to the fork dropouts use Nitto struts and hardware so it's easy to adjust the height of the platform for everything from 26' to fat 29'er bikes. The diving plate is slotted so you can butt it up as close as possible to the headtube for good front-end handling. And it's collapsible, for easy shipping.

The platform is big enough for the Wald 139s, but not so big that a 137 looks funny on there. There's convenient mounting points for lighting on either side and it's all finished in our favorite dull-bright nickel plating. These are Crmo steel and have fillet brazed joints, making it super strong and one of the best looking platform style racks out there. We're still waiting on Nitto's always safe weight limits, but I wouldn't hesitate to put 20 pounds on mine.


Dull bright nickel finish


Main platform rectangle: 12-1/8" x 7-13/16" (308mm x 198mm)

Tombstone and Small front extension rectangle: 7-7/8" x 2" (187mm x 51mm)

Maximum height above the braze on is around 387mm, minimum is 327mm.





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