Brakes - Centerpull - Dia-Compe DC610-N



Product Details

Wonderful medium-reach cold-forged centerpull made in Japan by an old Japanese brake maker. The reach range is 47 - 61, which on our bikes means they'll work on the Roadeo and Roadini. You'll need front and rear brake cable hangers, and we have those, too.

Recessed allen mounting bolt hardware (normal, modern).


Sold as a set (front and rear).


Dia-Compe is an old and storied Japanese brake maker, kind of the Minolta camera of brakes. Since they never sponsored pros and don't make a complete group, they don't have the fame of Shimano. But Dia-Compe's strength is even more valuable, at least to us. They aren't as market-driven, which means they're more likely to do needed, good things, needed things, almost without regard to who actually wants them. 


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