Brake Hardware - Cable hanger, frame mount, Tektro

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This is a frame mounted brake cable hanger for weird situations that don't allow use of the usual headset or seatbolt cable hangers (such as small frame with slammed stem, not enough space for smooth cable routing directly under the stem; maybe there's not enough space in between your headset locknut and top cup to put a sandwich cable hanger).

Includes a recessed allen nut and long bolt to mount it to your fork crown.

This thing will also reduce brake shudder and should shush that hard to rid of squealing (just as long as your brakes are also properly toe'd of course). Improved v2 with a built in barrel adjuster cuz you can never have too many barrel adjusters on the bike.

Note: This product is not designed to be used on fork crowns that are not factory drilled.

For use with centerpull or cantilever brakes.

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