Brake Pads - Kool Stop, Shorties

Brake Pads - Kool Stop, Shorties

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Kool-Stop Stubbies to compensate for a small but irritating design flaw in most V-brakes


It is really irritating to release your V brakes to remove/install a wheel, and have your brake shoes bump the fork blades and stop and not open wide enough.

If the tire is flat, it slides right out. But then you patch it or put in a new tube, and inflate it off the bike—because it’s easier than putting it back in the fork first. But the inflated tire won’t slide in, because the pads are in the way, so what then, smartypants? Deflate after you’ve already pumped it up with 175 strokes of your minipump, and re-inflate once it’s on the bike?

Or you need to remove your front wheel to fit the bike onto a roof rack on in the back of a car. Same struggles with pads blocking removal and re-insertion, plus the pumping even tho the tire’s not flat.

This is why people jump off buildings. But at our urging and with our guinea-pigging help, Tim at Kool-Stop came up with a solution. It looks funny, it works great.

These offset 40mm brake shoes solve all those problems. They clear the fork blades, so fat inflated tires go in and out easily.  Don’t sweat the short length. You aren’t getting full contact on your 73mm original pads, anyway, probably. You’re likely to get all 40mm on these. And they’re taller, too, and thicker.

They work only on the front. A rear solution is coming, and we don’t know when. Two months is a good guess.

They’re expensive: $30 per wheel. But they have the best brake compound ever invented: Kool-Stops eBike formula. Ebikes weigh even more than our bikes and go faster than even road racing bikes, and often carry lots of load, so the pads have to be really good and really long-lasting. I/Grant will never happily opt for any other.

The next time you get new shoes and pads for your V-brakes, these are the ones to get.