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Bike riding and racing and all of that has a strange and shameful history, at least in the U.S.. The now League of American Bicyclists--started in 1880 as the League of American Wheelman, and that until modern times--used to be full of racist mysoginists. Not super overt, but isn't the covert kind just as bad? Worse?

Don't get mad at them now. It's a good group now, I'm sure.

It was the times, right, but it's still, you know.  This is a super book. Well-written, and if you still read books you'll like it a lot. We're now stocking it. The cover price, which is the real price, is $29.95. We don't do tricks like that, so here it's $30. They cost us, with shipping, about $19. Amazon has them for $20.04, free shipping, but then the author gets a smaller royalty--probably $2.40 instead of about $3.75.

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