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Bike Builds


If you want us to pick the mechanical parts for your built-by-us bike in the most bang-for-the-buck way, get a drivetrain kit. Otherwise, if you have specific ideas about components we'll just add each part to your specification. If you plan on building your bike up from a frame yourself, you can buy a drivetrain kit to save time or just follow our component advice.

If we are building your bike for you, a $220 build fee covers labor, cables, housing, a chainstay protector, and necessary cable guides.

We've made the hard part easy: two drivetrain kits with all the necessary components to make a bike GO -- based on either a double- or triple-chainring crank and a 9-speed cassette.

Nitto Handlebars

Handlebars play a huge role in your riding experience. Although we'd say we specialize in comfortable rider positioning, we have a range of bars that extend from ultra upright to drop bars. Decide on the positioning you need and we can help you with stem selection and fit. With proper sizing, our frame design virtually guarantees a comfortable handlebar position. All of our bars are made for us by Nitto in Japan. They are the world's best handlebars, by a long shot. 

Ultra Upright    Upright    Slight Rise/Drop    slight drop    drop                                                                                      Our Nitto handlebars left to right: Bosco, Albatross, Choco, Albastache, Noodle                     

Tough Wheels

The other major components of a bicycle drivetrain are the wheels. We offer stock or custom-built wheels. For most riders, the stock Velocity USA-built wheelsets are perfect - Velocity Atlas rims (our design) and Shimano Deore hubs, for strength and  long-lasting toughness. If only the most boutique hubs and rims will do, our wheelbuilder can accommodate. He can be reached at

Fenders and Racks

Of course, there's more to a useful bike than just the drivetrain and cockpit, so we also offer SKS fenders, installed for $55, and a variety of racks and baskets by Nitto, Pletscher, and Wald for camping, touring, hauling, shopping. We can install racks on your Riv-built bike for $25 per rack.

Personalize your Build

A saddle, pedals, and tires round out the bicycle, and we have several varieties to suit any of our bikes.