Sackville SaddleSack Small - Olive, discontinued



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Note: *Leather accents are dark brown and the buckle is now attached to the lid and the strap to the bottom of the bag. This way the strap is no longer dangling into the wheel.

Dimensions - 11" x 12" x 4"

Designed especially & specifically for bikes where the tire’s big and the saddle’s low and a full-sized saddlebag won’t fit. The SM Sackville slips into that gap, and despite its size designation, holds what most would consider a Medium amount of stuff.

It’s wide enough for a 13-inch laptop, and ideal for long dayrides and two-day’s worth of groceries. It has no outer pockets, but with only one strap, it’s quick to get in and out of it (it pulls on a wooden dowel to evenly close the bag). Like it’s bigger kin, it has a corroplast bottom so a load won’t poke your tire, a tongue-flap to secure and totally waterproof the contents, and all the fabric, leather, brass, and stitching details are just as good.  Make your road bike more useful with one of these.


OUTER FABRIC: All Sackville saddlesacks are made from Scottish cotton that is more tightly woven than any waxed cotton made in America. The gaps between threads are so small it hardly needs any wax, and with less wax, it stays much cleaner. Normal-common-American waxed cotton is more coarsely woven, so needs a heavier coating of wax. The extra wax on the coarse fabric isn't as waterproof, and picks up and holds dirt, so after a couple of years, it looks like an old railroad tie coated with creosote.


LEATHER: Tough, American top-grain leather tanned and sufficiently oiled to weather well with minimal upkeep. Every couple of years smear some leather goop on it. The best is Obenauf's (we sell it, so do others), but any will do.

FANATICAL STITCHERY: Every stitch terminates on the inside of the bag. The ends of the nylon thread are melted with an alcohol flame, then smeared while molten. They won't show, catch, or unravel.

Capacity: There are too many ways to measure in cubic inches or liters. There are ways to cheat. Expanded and bulged? Flat sides and mathematically? It's too confusing. Unexpanded, this bag holds a lot. Expanded—with extended flap and maxed-out tongue, it's a monster.

*We shouldn't have to say this, but please don't put waxed cotton bags into a washing machine -- especially not hot wash!

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