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Spanish Canteen

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Holds 1 liter, aka a quart + two mouthsful.

Honest-to-goodness clean canteens, never to be confused with Kleen Kanteens, not that they’re much chance of that. These are classic elipse-shaped with the tried-and-true offset flounder pour-hole/spigot. Rest it UP in your saddlebag like a flouder on ocean floor, point it away from your when it’s slung over your back like a bandolier of bullets. Armies and cowboys have used this style canteen for more than a century, and Grant here has had one for ten years, although it’s been lost somewhere in the garage for eight. He's now sporting a fresh one.

They're Laken brand, aluminum, made in Spain, and not readily available in the U.S. We brought in 72 of them. John at Rivelo is taking 20, leaving 52. Riv employees are taking at least another 10. Friends and locals will snap up another 10 this weekend. That’s 32 left. On top of that, this is a discontinued model—not because it’s cruddy—if it were that, it wouldn’t  have been a mainstay of the Laken line for so long. But modern people go for the other kind of Kleen Kanteens, with the Korny K’s—which, they’re good, too. But everybody who drinks needs one of these.

Laken is super environmentally conscious, and as proof, the aluminum is lined with a genuine Environmental Coating (don't ask).  It’s a good company, and we’re thrilled to have these canteens in. Soak the cover, and it keeps the water cool as it evaporates. Make sure you don't trap the lower O-ring in the threads when you go to tighten the lid. Will did that a few times when he was testing for water-tightness, and it seemed to leak. When he realized his folly — now known as Will's Folly — he did it right, and it's water-tight!

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