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Grant Petersen

At the bottom of this is a failed link to a separate bigger page, can read the answers here good enough. Received 18 more today. Tomorrow I'll tally-ho them all and see if somebody got a perfect score on this imperfect test...

Am not quite unbusy or organized enough to post all scores here...



 Well, maybe tomorrow...







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  • Dave J on

    I said 32°as number of holes (as in number of holes in rim, hub), I agree on SIS (Shimano Index System) introduced in 1984-85 was shimanos version of indexing and STI (Shimano Total Integration) circa 1990 was integrating the shifters into the road levers.
    I put down 26" as king of the road because of the schwinn ballooners? Which sold more, ballooners or 27" bikes? Schwinn & Company introduces the bicycle balloon 26×2.125 tire in the spring of 1933. In 1934, Schwinn sold 86,000 units by itself. In 1935 Schwinn put out 107,000 units. Schwinn broke 200,000 in 1936. And by the 1940s, production had reached almost 350,000 units annually.

  • Michael Fautch on

    I missed the deadline as well but has a blast playing! Most fun column for me was RIV bikes no longer on the run way. Only one I didn’t get was Soba! I just had fun looking at old riv bikes online.

  • james on

    Will second that SIS should be considered as a correct answer. Initially I thought STI as well, but a bit of searching pointed out that SIS was introduced in ~85, and STI about five years after that.

    Even though I managed to miss the mail-in deadline, this was fun! Thanks Grant!

  • Marc Nolte on

    I figure self-scoring is fine. I blanked on SPOKES, and would argue that DISC BRAKES could have been LIGHTS and that STI should be SIS. But I’ll accept the ruling of the owner.


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