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Jenny twenty

Posted on June 26 2017

Jenny twenty







No.4 packing tape


No.5  blurry alabaster hand


No.6  3:32 pm




No. 8. She cuts the tape for a neat corner


No.9 unjamming the tape machine


No. 10



No. 11. The boxes aren't automatically the perfect size, so Jenny cuts them down with this good-for-hat tool.


No. 12. I like the tearing pictures. I've got a lot more than you'll see here.


No. 13 with Joe Biden bottle and putting on a be careful label.



No. 14 More Biden bottle


No. 15.  No posed "do it again, please" pictures, and the light wasn't good, but you still get the  idea.


No. 16


No. 17


No. 18...it'll get more stuff and paper. All of the boxes have to shake silently like there's nothing in them but weight.


No. 19


No. 20: ax and windmill







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