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A Whitman's Sampler but there's a video link with some more pix that didn't load last time

Grant Petersen

Sorry if you have no interest in the HHH, but this is a good place to get the word out. If your local shop is building your HHH, tell them the timing chain for a small or medium should be 150 links, and that seems to amount to 74.5 inches, from inner-link to inner link. The large needs two more links, On a chain, two links means one outer plus one inner.

This is the KIND of thing a good shop will figure out on its own, but it's nice to be helpful, and this is a way to be that.


There's a new storyarticle on the site about Toe Overlap, right here.

It's only a minute long. It came up again today with a woman on a 46 Appa. The front-center on that bike is about 597mm, so...only with the right eombo can she get it with that 26-inch wheel, but it's good to know, anyway.


Meet the next president, or vice president, or something. He's going to be famous, anyway. There's an 800 word column that includes

a video.

Watch it if at all at home, not work. I don't want to be party to that!

And here's the transcript.


 Both Dave AND Jenny want one of the Romanesque Lifta-Mixtes when they come  in. I'd like one too, but I've got a Clem-L and..I can't get everything. The name on the downtube, Rosco Bubbe, is a draw, though.



Domenic broke his derailer. This is not a reason to go internal.


Mark's working on a disc brake on the HHH.


Roman's been assembling a few bikes. Don't be fooled by the hat--he's good.


What a great vise! Marc deburs a steerer on a HHH.


Appaloosa badge. The horse has feathers in the mane, the way the Nez Perce did it.





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  • Vice Squad on

    Orthography Fascist here:
    It may be more like Grant’s style to ignore typos, and standards in comments posts are not held to publishing standards, but…

    Vises are those things on the workbench that hold things tightly in their jaws, and vices are said to be the opposite of virtues although I suppose some vices involve clenching something in your jaws, but not all of them.

    If you like your bikes to be set up right, why not your writing?

  • Ray on

    David, you may not be deliberately trolling, but you are a natural!

    Go take one of those joyride Bill mentioned. And I totally agree with you about hub gears. My new custom will have one, but be adaptable to other formats, as long as they are narrow hubs or fixed. I’m committed to using a parts stash, especially as I do not find modern derailer offerings provide me benefits worth the expense. Other bikes I have go to 8-speed which with a triple is more than adequate for the riding I do. And with spares in my stash, I’m completely happy to abandon the bike industry as they rarely offer anything that appeals to me.

    I hope the custom is ridden to the end of (my) days. Then someone else rides the eff out of it.

  • TIm KIrch on

    I found Mitch Landrieu’s speech to be inspiring and refreshing. Slavery wasn’t wrong because of the party that supported it, it was wrong because owning people is immoral. And the Confederacy was guilty of sedition. They wanted to break up the United States so that they could continue to own slaves. The recorded is clear about that. And to literally put the seditious generals on a pedestal is not a way to heal our nation.

    I was in Germany a couple of years ago and there are no statues of Hitler, Goebbels and Himmler. What you do see s memorials to the victims of the Holocaust. What you see is a nation that humbly recognizes the wrongs that were done in the name of nationalism, and a desire to acknowledge those wrongs.

    On a personal note, I have four mixed race grandchildren, ages 7 and 3 (from my daughter) and 3 and 10 months (from my son). Since the election in November, my daughter has had an elderly white woman in a restaurant tell her to “get those n***er kids under control” and my 7 year old granddaughter has been told that her hair and her skin are bad. Pardon me, Mr. Bell, for not giving a shit that Honest Abe was a Republican.

  • Joe Bernard on

    This Bell character has as much right to his opinion and politics as I do, but I’m not sure his approach fits this forum. I don’t presume to speak for Grant, but it seems to me this Blahg thingy is for his thoughts on stuff, and our pleasant discussion of same. The first comment on the Landrieu speech was a rather vitriolic talking point opposition piece, which seems odd an unnecessary in this space. In my opinion.

  • Tony on

    Lol! This Bell character is a hoot!

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